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Welcome to the ALL-WELD Company Limited web site.

As specialists in Custom Metal Fabrication and Machining, we offer the best in excellence of workmanship, commitment to our customer's needs and engineering know-how throughout the wide variety of services that we offer.

Appreciating how valuable your time is, we have only touched on the diversity of our organization. We encourage you to spend as much time as you wish reviewing this site but strongly recommend that you give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Enjoy our website. We are very proud of our History, our Accomplishments, our Products and Services, our Quality, and most of all our People.

Click here to read all about SMART-GREEN Pressure Vessels for Gas Turbine Test Rigs and Bio-Fuel Reactors in the premier issue of our newsletter.

All-Weld Company Limited welcomes Patterson Industries Division, to the All-Weld family. The Patterson Division adds to All-Weld's extensive capabilities a wide range of process equipment and turnkey systems for oil, gas, petrochemical, resins, coatings adhesives, general chemicals, plastics, rubber, pulp and paper, mining, construction, pharmaceutical, agricultural and food. The Patterson Division brings expertise in individual component and system design utilizing mechanical, heat transfer, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, and computerized control functions.

Products Include: Process vessels, grease kettles-atmospheric and autoclave type, contactors, process systems, Conaform vacuum dryers, rotary dryers & systems, ribbon, paddle, ThoroBlender double cone and V-shell mixers and blenders, custom, fixed mount and portable Typhoon agitators, batch and continuous ball and pebble mills, Mil-Reactor.

Patterson Industries Division