Looking for a Quality Pressure Vessel? ‘All-Weld’ is Your Answer

Pressure vessel is a strategically built storage tank that contains gases or liquids under pressure significantly different from the ambient pressure. The materials held by pressure vessels can be anything from propane, water, liquid nitrogen, refrigerant, ammonia, and compressed air, chlorine, butane to LPG.

Why All-Weld is the best solution when it comes to designing quality pressure vessels?

Founded in 1920, All-Weld has successfully stood the test of time in manufacturing code-compliant boilers and pressure vessels for clients from all over the globe. The company with its highly-skilled workforce is known for constructing high-quality, durable and safety-driven pressure vessels that are up to 15 ft in diameter, 80 ft in length and 70 tons in weight.

Code Compliance: As a major Canadian manufacturer of pressure vessels, we are certified to build pressure vessels adhering to the following engineering authorities backed by legislation:

    • National Board U, R &S stamps (US)
    • CE Label per Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (Europe)
    • A2 Rating Pressure Vessels and B51-09 Canadian Boiler certified by Peoples Republic of China

Range of products: We have gained in-depth technical expertise in constructing standard as well as customized pressure vessels with tailor-made specifications to suit our clients’ specific industrial requirements. We provide a varied range of pressure vessels that include Process reactors, Heat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Gas Turbine Test Rigs, Jacketed Vessels, Air receivers, Filter Housings, Mixing vessels, pressurized Storage Tanks and many more.

Applications: Our products are highly competent to meet several industrial applications including wide range of pressure/vacuum conditions, low/ambient/elevated temperatures, multi-chamber applications, internal and external load conditions, standard and unusual shaped configurations, a host of QA NDE requirements and so on.

Fabrication Competence: All-Weld is highly capable of meeting your requirements, whether it is a carbon steel tank or a vessel made of exotic alloy. Our 180 certified weld procedures include Monel, Titanium, Inconel, Incoloy, Hasteloy, AL6XN, aluminum, Chrome-Moly, copper, brass and many other Ferrous and Non-ferrous alloys.

We are a full service company with CNC machine Shop and Engineering Department that employs highly-innovative and computer-aided designing processes and software. With our dedication towards excellence, we are eminently capable of meeting customers’ specific requirements including wind loads, seismic and external loads.

About Robin Davis

I am Robin Davis, author of this blog and is with All-Weld Company Limited. We take special pride in being innovators in design and having hands-on knowledge of applications of specialty alloys. We are passionate about fabricating and take great pride in our accomplishments. We look forward to wonderful challenges in the future as we continue to rely on our Tradition of Quality. Contact us to know more.