Aluminum Painted Sculpture, Artist Alliston Haydn Davies

This is one of many sculptures created in partnership with Welsh born Toronto artist, the late Haydn Davies. The sculpture is painted aluminum and stands approximately 18″ high. As the extended “H” shape may have led you, they exist in front of the Honda Plant in Alliston, Ontario. Within the plant, a “found metal” good luck wall piece fabricated by All-Weld is mounted above the receptionist in their office entrance. Throughout the years, All-Weld built many pieces for Hayden such as: a 25″ high painted aluminum piece in front of the art gallery in Vero Beveh Florida, a 64″ High painted aluminum post office Windsor, Ontario, a 16″ high painted aluminum Burlington, Cultural Center, Ontario, a 25″ high painted aluminum, Algonia Sculpture Paris, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; 12″ long painted aluminum, Peterborough, Ontario and other dreams, some unfulfilled.

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