Auger Flights Prepared With Stellite™ Overlay

All-Weld Company Limited has recently added the supply of screw conveyors and related complimentary products to continue to serve those customers historically supplied by A & F Industries. In addition to our various other services, All-Weld is now a full-service provider of process equipment, components and assemblies. We now serve a spectrum of new customers ranging from the pulp and paper industry to water and sewage treatment, including chemical, mining and aggregates, grain handling, and the food processing sector.
All-Weld is capable of designing, engineering, manufacturing, machining, and delivering a variety of screw conveyors, hoppers, tanks, pumps, and feeders. We also provide live bottom bins and hoppers, agitators, feeders and pumps to steaming vessel screws, wear shoes, and flighting. All-Weld can engineer and fabricate to any scale design criteria, cut, roll, shear, brake, and weld requirements. Our material selection is diverse, including 17-4PH, 254-SMO, 2205, and Titanium. These materials are in addition to standard requisitions for carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, hastelloy, or other alloy products. Should your application require it, our orders can be machined by our extensive lathe and boring mill services.

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