Diseased Animal Disposal With Agitation For Sterilizing

Developed in conjunction with the Agricultural College at the Virginia Tech University Campus, this biohazard sterilizer is used in biosafety level 3 research centers working on Mad Cow Disease and other highly infectious diseases. The agitation vessel has been proven to be the most successful for sterilization of animal and biomedical waste, above acid baths and incineration. It makes use of high pressures and temperatures, in addition to internal cutting blades protruding from a horizontal agitator driver shaft in order to fully decontaminate entire animals at once. This is our largest style sterilizer, and with its feed column, it can easily take in large animals whole. Similar systems are used in the Government of Canada’s major laboratories in Winnipeg. The byproduct effluents are sterilized liquids and a dry powder that can be used as fertilizer. The complete system includes an insulated steam jacketed horizontal mixing vessel and the large diameter vertical feed chute into the top.

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