High Pressure And Temp Research Vessel

Gas turbine manufacturers, in developing more efficient and quieter jet engines, need to experimentally reproduce combustion at realistic gas turbine conditions. Using a full scale gas turbine engine for testing purposes can run as high as $10,000/hr. A test facility needs testing hardware that is capable of withstanding the extreme pressure and temperature conditions found in a jet engine, at a comparably modest cost. Testing may include adding artificial loads to failure prone components, flow path testing, varying fuel mixtures and additives, or any number of variables affecting an engine. The test rig normally replicates a radial segment of an engine, internal to the pressure boundary of the test rig.
Developing and designing these test rigs pushes the limits of traditional ASME Code Pressure Vessel design and fabrication into complex engineering analysis, including F.E.A. with combined temperature and thermal stress parameters. Many of the vessels have the added complexity of non-standard shaped design, numerous interface variations for probes, and other test cell measurement instruments.
Communication of engineering development and design with our client partners is done using 3D software to ensure that functionality and fit misinterpretations are avoided. All-Weld’s Quality Assurance Department is fully integrated in projects, from the initial design until the client’s FAT testing to ensure all of our customer’s stringent standards and specifications are met or exceeded. All-Weld’s clients for Gas Turbine Test Rigs include: Agilis Engineering, Florida Turbine, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Power Systems and MDS Aero.

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