Stainless Steel Sculpture – Toronto, Artist Ted Bieler

This sculpture is composed of 2″ diameter, 20 foot long stainless steel tubes that pass through two horseshoe shapes. The artist is Markham’s Ted Bielor. It was originally installed in front of the coroner’s building in Toronto, Ontario. After a few years, complaints arose that it was making eerie noises when the wind blew. This wasn’t appreciated in front of a morgue. The tops of the tubes were open and hollow, creating a noise similar to that of blowing across an open bottle. Ted eliminated the disturbance by filling the tubes with sand. We have since manufactured additional major projects for Ted, including the three legged 37″ tall glass bead finish pile of tetraions on the south west corner of York St and Front St, at the University of Toronto. We also assisting with his aluminum castings that were shipped to the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

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