Stainless steel vessel for astro-physics lab research

All-Weld is proud to have provided equipment to the SNOLAB Collaboration, recipients of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for proving that neutrinos (sub-atomic particles) have mass. Pictured here is a Process Degasser tower, one of the components in a system built to purify the lab’s 300 million dollars’ worth of heavy water at 100’s of liters per minute. The Degasser was crucial in maintaining low Radon gas levels. All-Weld also supplied the SNOLAB’s heat exchangers. The incredible sensitivity of SNOLAB’s experiments mandated that all equipment had to be finished with immense precision and chemical purity. All-Weld has proudly supplied SNOLAB since 1993, including projects SNO, MiniCLEAN, SNO+, DEAP 3600, and COUPP.

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