Quality is our most precious asset. The list of accreditations that we have invested in continues to open doors of opportunity for us, and is directly affiliated with the diligent efforts of all of our conscientious and hardworking staff.
• ASME – “U”, “R”, and “S” Stamps
• ISO 9001:2015
Licensed by Peoples Republic of China for Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacturing – A2 Vessels

• CSA Z299 QA Accreditation
• Canadian Welding Bureau 47.1 & 47.2
• CE Label – Accredited to supply vessels under CE Label
• Supplied Vessels under PVHO, API, National Board, TEMA, FDA, CSA B51, and other specifications and codes.

• Maintain over 200 different Welding Procedures – – SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW Design and Qualify all of our Welding Procedures in-house under governmental certification and approval.
• In-house Level II Liquid Penetrant Inspector
• Perform a variety of Non-Destructive Examinations including:
> Radiography
> PMI Analysis
> Mag-Particle, wet/dry
> DFT thickness
> Tinker-Electric Paint/Lining testing
> Vibrational and heat treatment stress relieving
> Electronic Surface Finish readings
> Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, and Vacuum Pressure Testing
> Product FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
> Products can be supplied with a complete History Docket for the project.

Markets Served

Automotive Support Industries
Biohazardous Waste Treatment
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
Chemical - Light and Heavy
Construction Industry


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